This story focusses on new addition about customising your git with fancy badges, connect with me icons, dynamically include your blogs sourcing from the parent website, include your youtube channel videos and update changes, your git stats, your git recent activity and you could include the song that you are listening in spotify. Awesome isn’t it? Let’s go over how to do it.

Please find snapshot of my git profile currently

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As a first step all you have to do is create a repository with your username. As my username is ereshzealous. I have created the repo with that name.

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It automatically showed the repo as Git profile. …

I am working on one of my projects where Postgres happens to be the relational database and has a big table, currently had 10 Million records and can bloat up more. The challenge we have is wildcard search is becoming costly and takes more time to fetch results.

I would like to demonstrate with a sample database and data in it.

Ever since microservices are increasing in demand and every organization focuses on a microservices architecture.

What is Microservice Observability?

In general terms, it is the ability to observe all the behaviors be it a success, failure, or exception. If we have observed all the behaviors, then we can act accordingly to solve those issues and make the application more robust and fault-tolerant.

For Ex: Security Cameras record all the activities of a day. When there is an unusual activity, security cameras are thoroughly observed and we will come to a conclusion on suspicious activity on a particular period of time.

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Key Concepts of Observability

  1. Metrics:- Stats around the microservices to understand what happened around it over a period of time. …

This story focuses on the amount of memory allocated for the same programming logic when executed in Java and GoLang.

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Let us write a simple program and see how much memory is allocated for that in Java and Golang.

For the last 2 months, I have been trying to switch my job, almost all organizations have a mandatory round called online coding test. This test is used to know the candidate’s problem solving and analytics skills. The interviewers use online coding environment some times it is offline and some times online. I suggest if anyone looking to switch the job please get used to the coding interface. …

In this article, we will discuss the basic usage of go modules and how to create our own go module and how to include secured go modules in your own go project. Our main focus is on the private git repository.

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Modules have greatly improved the code maintainability in go. It is dependency management in go Lang just like Maven in Java applications. If you are new to modules in go please click here for official documentation.

Create your own go module

In Java, an artifact is maintained in a repository like Nexus. Similarly, we can have our own go module hosted on either Git or Bitbucket. …

By default, Spring beans are singletons. This problem arises “when Prototype Bean injected inside a Singleton Bean” the problem arises when we try to wire beans of different scopes. For example, a prototype bean into a singleton. This is known as the scoped bean injection problem.

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Let us look at a simple example when a prototype bean injected inside a singleton bean. Individually when a prototype bean used, every time a new instance is expected and for singleton the same instance.

Singleton Bean always returns the same bean instance no matter where ever it is being referred. In fact, all the beans default scope is a singleton even though the scope of the bean is other than a singleton. …

In this story, we focus on SOLID design principles of object-oriented design which is also known as the first 5 design principles.

Why Design Principles?

Design principles are pieces of advice or proven good coding practices that are used as rules of thumb when making design choices.

When developers design without using structured design principles like SOLID, they can create long-lasting problems for future developers working on the project, and limit potential success for the application they’re developing. These issues are commonly referred to as “code rot.”

Problems in the code maintainance without design principles

When an application codebase is increased in its mass, it's increasingly hard for developers to maintain. …

This story focuses on Kubernetes different deployment strategies and how to achieve them. We will also focus on the pros and cons of different deployment strategies. We will study each of them with a working sample. I will add deployment YAML scripts and a sample application.

In Kubernetes there are a few different ways to release an application, it is necessary to choose the right strategy to make your infrastructure reliable during an application update.

One of the biggest challenges in developing cloud-native applications today is to deploy any number of instances in an environment. With the increase in Micro Service development approaches, developers can deliver the speed in which application has to be deployed in multi environments to address multiple environments barrier. …

In this story, we focus on using Spring WebFlux, reactive programming. We will also work on Spring Data Reactive Mongo Repository to emit results in a reactive way.

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What is Reactive Programming?

Reactive programming is a programming paradigm that promotes an asynchronous, non-blocking, event-driven approach to data processing. Reactive programming involves modeling data and events as observable data streams and implementing data processing routines to react to the changes in those streams.

The term, “reactive,” refers to a model where, a component/block reacts to changes around it, a simple publisher-subscriber model. When the data is available, we get the notification along with data to inform of call back function. In the callback function, we handle the response as per application/user needs. …

This story focuses on ConfigMap resource and its usage in pods over Kubernetes container and reload strategy in application real-time.

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Please go through my earlier story for Minikube installation and deploying the sample application in Kubernetes runtime in Minikube.

Why ConfigMap?

Many applications require configuration via some combination of config files, command line arguments, and environment variables. These configuration artifacts should be decoupled from image content in order to keep containerized applications portable. The ConfigMap API resource provides mechanisms to inject containers with configuration data while keeping containers agnostic of Kubernetes. …


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